Hey now
This is where I will be updating anyone who wants to know about our little baby Freed 😉
This is a test post to make sure everything is connected. But I will edit this when Iv made sure it’s working……

Alright it’s working 😉
Well I’m very very happy to welcome this little bundle o joy to our family. This is something Iv wanted for a long time. I grew up with a little sister and have always loved baby’s ! Now my wish has come true and I could not have picked a better woman to be the mother of my child. Ash is such a great person and caring mother already. I love her so much.
Iv already been making changes to my crazy life. Not staying up all night and cutting back on bad foods and other bad things. This is going to be great not just for me but for everyone in our little family 😉
I’m excited to start this blog and I’m going to update as much as I can. I hope you like it.

July 24th
I feel like I’m getting close to my wife 😉 She looks hot all preg’o. I know she feels differently but I love it. She’s alway been so beautiful to me, I’m a lucky guy.
It’s so awsome watching her jump into gear and organize everything. I try to help but she’s head strong. I dig it 😉
More later…