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New Baby Freed updates

Hey now This is where I will be updating anyone who wants to know about our little baby Freed πŸ˜‰ This is a test post to make sure everything is connected. But I will edit this when Iv made sure it’s working…… Alright it’s working πŸ˜‰ Well I’m very very happy to welcome this little […]

Got to the airport

Hey now Well I did not sleep but a hour last night due to extreme excitement about going to play in Austin. That’s ok cause I’ve been getting great sleep lately at home so I don’t feel tired. Yet;) Check in was really easy and everyone was really nice to me…for some reason. I’m sure […]

Playing in Austin with Monte Montgomery

Hey Now It’s been awhile but I’m going to be blogging this whole trip. Monte Montgomery is the Tigger Woods of the acoustic guitar and one of my musical hero’s. He’s won many awards for his ability and been in Bout ever guitar magazine there is. I’m really excited to be part if theses shows […]

Little Update Fur Ye

Hey now I have been working hard & often πŸ˜‰ there’s a lot going on in my world right now and I intend on filling you all in on this blog πŸ˜‰ Lets start at the Ohio Fair & Festival convention we played for my agency Variety Attractions in Zansville Oh. This is where entertainment […]

Morgantown WV Getaway

Oxendine Life Ash & I have been married 3 years now & it’s been great ! She is the best wife on the planet and I want to thank her for being there for me πŸ˜‰ I love you! Spending our vacation with McCormick’s was really great and my wife and I are really grateful […]

Blues Traveler Show

Hey Now..;) It’s Friday night at 1am & I’v been practicing for the last 3 days straight & our new Power Trio is going to be tight ! We have been playing on the road with the acoustic trio for a long time. This is Spaz on the kit & I’m playing my new Custom […]

“That Song You Use To Play”

Hey Now …;) I’m making a album of cover with my friend Jimmy & a company we started called but Jim wants it in small letter. We will be taking our favorite cover songs and recording them in our own way with my acoustic flavor..;) We are using my buddy Jim Horetski studio in […]

Jack & The Allstars Gig

Hey Now We were invited to play with Jack Willoughby at The Porter Pub in Lima Ohio this weekend. So Winston & I packed the Jeep and headed for Lima on Friday. We are driving along and come to a yard sale. So I pull in and Winston jumps out, runs over to the meanest […]

4 States in 2 Days

Hey now;) What a road trip to Harpers Ferry WV for the 75th Anniversary of the Appellation Trail. Lots of fun and good people πŸ˜‰ We hit the stage and jammed some acoustic tunes for the 1st set then on to the Les Paul for some Rockin ! The view in this town is breath […]

Lima All-star Gig Rained Out

Hey now;) Busy weekend with my sister in laws wedding, great party. Congrats Brien & Sara York thanks for having us. The Square Fair in Lima was rained out so I did not get to play with the opening act The Lima Allstars. Real bummer I’m hoping to get another chance to play with all […]