Hey Now …;)
I’m making a album of cover with my friend Jimmy & a company we started called TooLargePizza.com but Jim wants it in small letter.

We will be taking our favorite cover songs and recording them in our own way with my acoustic flavor..;)

We are using my buddy Jim Horetski studio in a huge house in NW Ohio. Jim has played a big role in my career and I’m very excited to do this project with him. Jim played bass on Alive At The Room and on the Free Download live show we recorded at The Lima Civic Center.

My also still writing and recording with Joe Viers so theres no lag in time. I plan to make my next studio album with Joe.
We played in WV this week & had a great time with Kim it was her birthday so we partied it up right.

Played the last Cranberry gig Sunday, sad to see it go but a little happy too;) we will be back next year for sure 😉 Big thanks for all the support this year, we had the best crowds and it was packed ever day we played. Cranberry is my home away from home & it will always have a place on my calendar 😉

I’m about 3 songs in on my new cover album “that song you use to play” This is a long time coming, it will be a tribute to all the writes I grew up listing to. I’m doing the 1st Vol with Jim Horetski a great musician from Spencerville Ohio. Jim has been a big part of my career for
the second I met him. I’m so glad we met so long ago. I plan to make this album in Vol, like Vol 1-Vol 2 and so on. Making 12 or 14 track releases at a time and naming each on the same but make the Vol different and the color different. There’s a new way to pay the royalties on Disc Makers web site that allows you to pay a fee and record cover songs, that is what I will be doing. It will be only digitally for 2 month then I will have hard copy’s for sale on my web site.

Im still getting all the details together and still have a lot of work to do but it’s going well so far and it sounds good. Looking forward to having Joe Viers master it all, that guy is a artiest 😉

So stay tuned and support your local music 😉