Oxendine Life

Ash & I have been married 3 years now & it’s been great ! She is the best wife on the planet and I want to thank her for being there for me 😉 I love you!

Spending our vacation with McCormick’s was really great and my wife and I are really grateful to be invited. Thanks to Jeremy McCormick and Julie Mccormick as well as the newest McCormick Kate;) Congrats you to. All and all it went great (all burns aside). I’m happy with the show and we are all so glad to have met all out new friends in MD and WV we had a great time. We will be back playing in Morgantown WV and Friendsville MD at there festivals.

We have been chipping away at the new album ” That song you use to play” a album of Covers. I’m not a stranger to making albums and writing songs. But the recording world is ever changing and growing with ever year it seems. So I am going to find a nice spot and make it work around my needs and not worry about the rest.
I have about 10 songs ready to go so far all they need is a few mixing and editing fixes. I still have not got the Trio in the studio yet but that is my next move before I finish.
I have takin everyone’s request via FB and I recorded almost all of them with the exception of a few that didn’t turn out. Most of this album will be acoustic covers because that’s where I come from and where I’m most comfortable. All I ever did as a kid and teenager was play acoustic guitar & sing or at least try;) So naturally that where I shine. Although this new Trio is a whole lot of fun! My new custom shop Les Paul (Goldie Knobs) and I are getting along great. I could not be happier. That being said I play my Alvarez ever single day;) Acoustic music moves me in a way that I can’t explain. Maybe it’s from growing up in WV surrounded by bluegrass music and folk music or it could be my love for Dave Matthews, James Taylor, John Popper and Tim O’Brien. Who knows:/

I also have a new new album in the CAN mostly but I don’t know exactly when it will be ready :)
More to come soon 😉