Hey now
I have been working hard & often 😉 there’s a lot going on in my world right now and I intend on filling you all in on this blog 😉
Lets start at the Ohio Fair & Festival convention we played for my agency Variety Attractions in Zansville Oh. This is where entertainment buyers come to watch the regions best band and buy dates for there event. Very cool thing to play and a lot of new people got to hear us. We want to thank Andy from VA for helping us and booking festivals, thank you brother;)
I was hired as a session singer by Sonic Loundge and working & writing with Joe Viers has been a pleasure;) We have one song done already, it’s called Angle and I really think everyone is going to like it. It’s got a Allman Bro feel a little bit but it also has a new rock sound that Joe brought to the table as well as some really great lyrics 😉
Potbelly has been great, I love playing for the kids that come in & there parents. They seem to be coming back when I’m there so that’s cool. Kids (at least in this place) are so into music it’s very cool to see. Sometimes the kids will just get up & dance, man it’s cool 😉 I never knew how much I like playing to them till I started potbelly;)
Still just loving the new Custom Shop Les Paul & Fender Evil Twin. My buddy Newman gave me a 410 Cab, it’s a old Lab Q 412 Cab with the 12’s takin out and 4/10’s JBL’s mounted instead. It’s great man & super loud ! I had to revamp my pedal board so I took it all apart and cleaned the cloth then striped the bottom of each pedal. I had to go buy new Velcro and strapped each pedal down that way. It looks great now and functions better 😉
Any how;) I took another gig with a guy who is a 4th generation pawn shop owner who owns more guitars then anyone I have ever met. His shop is called Uncle Sam’s and it’s a cool gig. I mostly take care of his guitars. I setup guitars & bass’s, restring anything, truss rod adjustments and I can repair nuts and bridges. I come & go as I please and make my own hours so it can’t be beat really 😉
Well that’s a little bit about what’s going on with me, I’m just trying to keep pushing on and making things happen in my career. It’s hard work and can make you old before your time but it worth ever second. Playing music has made me the person I am today, it can help heal and make you feel happy or sad or just about any emotion. I’m so thankful for my talent and for the support of my friends & family & fans without you I would be nowhere THANK YOU ! I love you all 😉


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