Hey Now
We were invited to play with Jack Willoughby at The Porter Pub in Lima Ohio this weekend. So Winston & I packed the Jeep and headed for Lima on Friday. We are driving along and come to a yard sale. So I pull in and Winston jumps out, runs over to the meanest looking guy there and takes a shit right in front of him while he’s eating. I lost it and started laughing & the guy got pissed off so I left. But it made me laugh all day today.
We played many songs & had many drinks. Don out bass player made friends with a very touchy feely drunk guy that really wanted to jam with us. We could not let that happen due to his drunkiness. I met Danny Fowlen a very cool drummer from lima, we jammed -it was good – Friday

Sat – Gig with Jack W was great & I thank him for having us and hope he has a safe trip home 😉


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