Hey Now..;)
It’s Friday night at 1am & I’v been practicing for the last 3 days straight & our new Power Trio is going to be tight !
We have been playing on the road with the acoustic trio for a long time. This is Spaz on the kit & I’m playing my new Custom Shop Les Paul Goldtop !!And Don Storer on bass
That’s right I’m taking it electric for awhile and this combo is the shit !

Spaz Moorehead – Drum Kit & Vox
Spaz is a solid as a rock drummer from way back. She has played in many bands but Spaz & Al Band is the only band she has made a album with in 05 I think.
We are now working on a album together and I am writing songs with her in mind. Which is not very hard people, we sound a lot a like …;)
Don has been in the band for a long time.
I met Don wile working at Bob’s Music in Lima Ohio. He was looking for a bass so we found him one & I found a amp & plugged him in. He has been I. The band ever since. Great groove player with plenty of slap bam boom to go around;)