Hey Now
It’s been awhile but I’m going to be blogging this whole trip.
Monte Montgomery is the Tigger Woods of the acoustic guitar and one of my musical hero’s. He’s won many awards for his ability and been in Bout ever guitar magazine there is. I’m really excited to be part if theses shows and beside myself to have been asked.
I’m not sure yet weather I will be opening a show or not but I will be playing harp in the band and singing harmony….I think 😉
My new album “SouLow” will be dropping while I’m there in Tx so anyone at the shows will be able to buy the new album and I’ll have copy’s of the older ones to. I plan on having them on iTunes in a few weeks and on my site around the same time.
This is my 1st time playing in Austin and Dallas. I have played in Tx in El Paso. I played Speaking Rock with a band out of Columbus at the start of the summer, but that was the only time. I had a great time there even though I spent all my time in the hotel. It was a nice hotel 😉
Keep dialed on this blog page and I’ll keep updating it as the trip progresses.
Thank you all for reading and supporting me over the years. I love you all 😉